Magic Pockets

Magic Pockets is the electronic music project from London-based soundsmith Leaf Hillyer. His work has an emphasis on creating large-scale floor fillers with an engaging live performance using an array of innovative controllers for the manipulation of sound.

In 2011 Leaf launched the Magic Pockets Music Show, a monthly podcast available through his website, which plays everything from reggae to funk and electro to techno. At the same time he independently released Bee Song EP, a three track free digital download of electronic music. He is currently working on the logistics of performing this new music live and is looking at touring clubs and festivals in the summer 2012.

Born in California in 1986, Leaf came to the UK at a very young age and grew up in the southwest of England surrounded Magic Pockets - Studioby professional musicians from many musical cultures. Being introduced to an eclectic range of music as a child, he travelled with his parents’ band internationally as well as around the UK festival circuit, learning what is involved in live performance and becoming interested in the logistics of the music and sound system culture.

Working under the alias Astrokong from the year 2002, he started to make electronic music, heavily influenced by labels such as Warp and Ninja Tune, creating abstract glitch-infused beats on a clapped-out Mac running out-dated software.

Having spent nine years refining his skills in music related academia, Leaf is currently completing a Masters Degree at the London College of Music with a focus on electronic music and the use of experimental interfaces to control musical parameters. it was from the research of this work that Leaf started Magic Pockets, this innovative project that mixes influences from dub/reggae, electro, downbeat, instrumental hip-hop and 8-bit computer game music to fuse a speaker-shaking collection of bleeps, beats and samples. all using a set-up of grid controllers, effects units and homemade hardware creations, as well as extensive patches created using the graphic programming software Max MSP, the premise is to invent sonically exciting textures, with an emphasis on the audience being able to understand all the changes that are happening to the sound.

Magic Pockets Keyboard

Magic Pockets has also played with the live psychedelic dub/techno band Dubblehead since 2005, which regularly perform at UK festivals including Glastonbury 2007-2011, as well as being invited to compete in the Glastonbury Emerging Talent Competition in 2009. Band members include Tom Brooks, one of the founding members of Ozric Tentacles and Nigel Shaw from the underground techno band Global. This year (2011) the band headlined the Droomfest Music Festival in Amsterdam.

Magic Pockets continues to experiment with different ways of creating and arranging sound using the latest technological advances to create expressive live electronic performances. Further information can be found on the website where there are regular updates about ongoing projects and forthcoming events.

Magic Pockets - Sofa

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